most of the books listed in your portfolio are all sci-fi and fantasy. is that all you do?

Nope! While science fiction and fantasy are my specialties, I edit fiction and non-fiction in various genres. I also edit academic papers (mainly APA), blog posts, marketing materials, and websites. I do not edit highly specialized writing that would require extensive knowledge of legal or medical terminology. Don’t hesitate to reach out; I’ll let you know if what you’re looking for is out of my scope.

what are your standard rates for your editing services?

The cost of your proofread or copy edit is based on a variety of factors: word count, stage of work, turnaround time, etc. Because of this, I can’t provide a price until I see a representative sample of your manuscript. Once I receive this, I’ll provide you with a quote, which will detail the total cost of the project so you’ll know what to expect.

do you DO all of your editing and proofreading yourself?

I do all of my own editing and proofreading. I do not rely on software or anyone else to do it for me.

do you do sample edits?

Sample edits are based on my availability.

what’s up with the name?

The rabbit is my Chinese zodiac. When I was young, I collected rabbit figurines and would draw rabbits to represent myself. They’re also cute and cuddly. Before I had a name for my business, I thought of simply naming it after myself. I told my husband, “I think I want my logo to be a rabbit with a red pen.” Later that night, those words kept sticking with me. Thus, Rabbit with a Red Pen was born.

Any other questions?

Send me a message!