Editing Services


At the end of the day, celebrate your success as a writer! No one wants their hard work picked apart and scrutinized. My promise is to work collaboratively with you to make your work the best possible and to cheer you on as you share your talent with the world. With that in mind, I offer copy editing and proofreading services. Because every edit differs, I’ll create a custom quote for you. If you’re not sure what service would benefit you most, send me a message so we can figure it out together.


Copy Editing

Improving the writing

Copy editing improves the quality of the writing. Readers should focus on your story, not on issues with word usage, dialogue, repetition, or consistency.

Things I will look for while copy editing:

  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation

  • Dialogue tags

  • Point of view

  • Verb tense inconsistency

  • Repetition of words

  • Inconsistency of spelling/hyphenation

  • Sentence restructuring needs

I will also write comments throughout the manuscript to ask clarifying questions, make suggestions for improvement, and point out patterns that will help your writing skills.

My copy editing service includes two rounds of editing. I will edit the original manuscript and send it back to you. Then, I will edit any revisions you made.



Inspecting the details

Proofreading comes last in the editing process and focuses on fixing errors that may have been missed otherwise. I’ll perform a line-by-line check of your manuscript to ensure it’s ready to be self-published or submitted to a traditional publisher.

Things I will look for while proofreading:

  • Grammar

  • Spelling

  • Punctuation

  • Typos

  • Inconsistency of spelling/hyphenation

Proofreading does not fix sentence structure, dialogue, or point of view. If your manuscript needs these services, copy editing is more appropriate.

My proofreading service includes one round of proofreading to make your manuscript as polished as it can be.



My copy editing and proofreading services include a customized editorial report and style sheet provided with the completed project.

  • An editorial report is a summary of significant findings based on the manuscript. If I notice trends in your writing style, I will include these in the report. This can guide your future writing.

  • A style sheet is a tool used to create consistency in the story and formatting. For more information and a free template, click here.